Ohio Success Awards

5th Annual Ohio Success Awards

Thank you for participating!

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Ohio’s strength as a growing and thriving business center and land of opportunity is built upon its businesses, non-profits and governmental organizations’ success along with the partnerships they form amongst each other to benefit communities.

The Ohio Success Awards will honor annually the most successful and consistent of these organizations and leaders across our state.

The Ohio Success Awards will recognize the accomplishments of:

  • Companies that have demonstrated growth both in revenue and employees, as well as having demonstrated involvement in their community and service in their industry
  • Non-profits that have made a significant impact upon the communities they serve
  • Governmental organizations that have created unique value or opportunities based upon their ingenuity, partnership, and perseverance
  • Leaders, amongst these from all above, that have demonstrated beyond comparison that their efforts have made lasting impact

The event will also serve as a forum for you to connect with other decision makers on the issues and objectives throughout the state.

To reflect more clearly of Ohio’s business vitality, we welcome the participation of divisions of companies who are headquartered outside of Ohio if you can provide net revenue and employment figures originated within the state of Ohio.