• WrightBros_History

    Lessons That Still Fly

    By Eric Spangler Although it’s been more than a century since Wilbur and Orville Wright built and flew the world’s first successful airplane, their experience continues [...]
  • StateOhioBusiness

    The State of Ohio Business

    By Bill Ferguson Jr. Ohio is taking a wire brush to its Rust Belt reputation, generating an economic renaissance that has created almost 400,000 jobs since the end of 2010. [...]
  • datasecurity

    Managing Data Security with VOIP

    By Jennifer Patterson Lorenzetti Set in the outskirts of Akron, Doylestown is a small community with the kind of old-town appeal that makes it an ideal bedroom community. And [...]

Letter from the Publisher

by Ohio Business Magazine in Spotlight

In my 20s, you could say that I was a nomad. Within six years, I lived in Virginia, Seattle, South Korea, and then back to the states again for a stint in Washington, D.C. In [...]


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