Ohio 500

Nominate now for Ohio Business Magazine’s 3rd annual list of Ohio’s Most Influential Leaders.

This research initiative by the editors of Ohio Business will result in a personal, engaging look at the state’s leaders across all major industries.

The 500 executives will be selected based on extensive contacts in regional business circles, and interviews, culminating in a highly selective biographical guide to the people who really run Ohio.

We are currently accepting recommendations for the 2024 Ohio 500 issue.

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All recommendations will be viewed and considered, but the Ohio Business Magazine executive editorial team will make final selection. Nominations are accepted through June 16th, 2024.

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2023 Ohio 500 Features

Defining Leadership and Power

Ohio leaders’ Example and actions speak louder than words

By Terry Troy

Leadership and power, like fame, are often fleeting. Today’s business or organizational hero can easily morph into tomorrow’s loser, their business decisions once lauded, quickly turning into classic mistakes. It takes a rare person, indeed, to attain leadership and power, let alone maintain it for any amount of time. Often, it’s a matter of leading by example, and wielding power only when necessary. Read More

Rising Stars

Where will tomorrow’s leaders come from?

By Terry Troy

While this issue of Ohio Business celebrates the 500 most influential, powerful and effective organizational leaders in our state, there are many more in the wings. Very few are planning to assume positions of leadership and power. Mostly, they are entrepreneurs simply chasing the dream of business or organizational success. Read More