Time Like These

A Letter from the Publisher

By Eric Harmon

It’s been a crazy couple of months. An understatement? No doubt. We have never seen such a dramatic shift in our way of life and to our businesses. COVID-19 has been tragic, yet things will continue to progress.

In times like these it’s when I believe you as business professionals, owners and leaders have great opportunity. Your employees will look to you for guidance, particularly as government entities strain to remain solvent. In some ways you are given more latitude now than ever before to make the changes you see fit for the organizations and people you serve that will have impact far into the future. 

This magazine issue is chock-full of companies and people around Ohio that have chosen a path of resiliency, compassion and sheer ambition. In our fifth annual Best Workplaces in Ohio, you’ll meet the companies that provide the environment most businesses want but not all have achieved. Many other profiles of companies from across the state demonstrate just how tough we Buckeyes are.

As you read this, we will be wrapping up the nomination campaign for our Inaugural Best in Ohio Business awards. I encourage you to go online to ohiobusinessmag.com to vote for those local businesses that you admire and appreciate. A pick-me-up can come in many forms and winning a well-deserved award may be just the ticket.