Trew Builds Technology Center

Trew Worker

Automated materials handling provider creates 75 new engineering jobs

By Terry Troy

Automated materials handling provider Trew LLC will build a new technology center in Southwest Ohio, allowing the company to accelerate its investments in developing automated technologies and warehouse execution software. The new center will also allow the company to create a demonstration, testing and training facility. It is expected to add more than 75 new engineering jobs to the company’s payroll. 

As a part of the deal, Trew will receive up to $4 million in assistance from JobsOhio.  

Alfred Rebello

“Consumer preferences, the labor environment and supply chain pressures continue to drive transformation and growth in the material handling industry,” shared Alfred Rebello, Trew president and COO. “Our clients need innovations that fit their business and bring together process, technology, software and people in a way that helps them thrive. The market is evolving quickly, and we are grateful for the state of Ohio’s economic assistance to accelerate our plans.” 

In addition to JobsOhio, Trew also worked with the Ohio Department of Economic Development and REDI Cincinnati to obtain support for assistance with the innovation and job-creating project. Trew chose Ohio for their technology center and investments due to the availability of information technology and engineering talent, accessibility to multiple customers who have retail and e-commerce distribution centers, and the willingness of organizations to help businesses access resources to enable growth. 

Trew R&D Grant

“Innovative companies like Trew are looking to Ohio when developing the latest high-speed solutions as the material handling industry continues to evolve,” said J.P. Nauseef, JobsOhio president and CEO. “Southwest Ohio has the engineering talent to grow Trew’s high-speed sortation and supporting software capability as well as easy access to retail and e-commerce distribution centers to meet rising demand.” 

Kimm Lauterbach 

“The Cincinnati region offers the R&D resources to enhance Trew’s ability to deliver smart solutions in the rapidly evolving material handling market,” said Kimm Lauterbach, REDI Cincinnati president and CEO. “With approximately 7,900 STEM graduates annually, over 5,700 logistics and distribution (L&D) businesses, an innovation network that includes the Cincinnati Innovation District® and access to customers with the retail and e-commerce distribution centers to help advanced manufacturing businesses unlock new growth. We have the talent, L&D ecosystem and innovation in our region to help organizations grow.” 

Trew provides automated material handling solutions for integrators and end users, including Warehouse Execution Systems (WES), Warehouse Control Systems (WCS), PLC- and server-based machine controls, motorized driven roller (MDR) conveyor, conventional conveyor, and services such as concepting, engineering, technical support, parts, field service and training.