Letter from the Publisher

eric_harmon0018_probeardIn my 20s, you could say that I was a nomad. Within six years, I lived in Virginia, Seattle, South Korea, and then back to the states again for a stint in Washington, D.C. In my travels I came to the conclusion that there was probably not a prettier place on earth in the month of September than the Pacific Northwest, and if you’re one that likes heat and politics there was probably no place hotter than D.C. in July.

Each place, although interesting, didn’t feel like home. Coming back to Ohio felt right. Growing up in Cleveland, living in Cincinnati, and now being the publisher of Dayton Magazine, I have witnessed much of what makes Ohio great. Its greatness lies not in majestic vistas, but in its people. Our work ethic, diversity and values set us apart. Living in a state considered the “Mother of Presidents,” this year we’ll be center stage in the political spotlight once again as we host the Republican National Convention in Cleveland and the first presidential debate at Wright State University in Dayton.

Much of what makes us unique—but which might get less notoriety—is the variety of businesses in which we all participate. We at Cincy and Dayton magazines see the ties among our communities getting stronger as a result of business interests reaching beyond their original customer base to new markets. Being a publisher of magazines serving Ohio communities, I realized our state didn’t have a form of media connecting our businesses together. Hence, we welcome you to the inaugural issue of Ohio Business magazine.

We seek to tell your story and connect your business to decision makers throughout the state to pave the way for growth to all concerned. We encourage you sign up online to OhioBusinessMag.com to receive continued digital content, and we welcome your feedback.